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         As aired on major news networks, in winter of 2008, many of our jobs that have been out sourced over seas are coming back to America! Many customers are tired of talking with someone over seas who they can’t understand, and in response, American companies are bringing those jobs back to America!


         These companies are not putting these jobs back into the call centers as before, but right into American homes! And this number is said to increase 4 times that amount in the next four years. Now these jobs are being offered to hundreds of thousands of people at home from every state in the nation and in hundreds of cities all over United States. And that’s just the over sees jobs coming back to America.


         Now becoming a virtual work at home agent has become more common that it ever has before due to the advancement in technology and the fact that many Americans now own personal computers, with high speed connections, than in the past. Now with the economy close to a recession, many companies are now down sizing in building space and cutting cost of overhead, by hiring virtual agents and work from home employees.


         Now anyone from home with a virtual office, set up with high speed internet access and a land line phone, can become a remote contractor/virtual employee. Now for many people in the United States working at home has become very enticing. The best news is, more and more companies are jumping on board! Work from home telecommuting has become more common than ever before!    







         Our Work From Home Employers List includes companies that are hiring work from home agents and virtual agents who are familiar with any of the following office positions.     






Bookkeeping, Payroll and Accounting

Legal & Medical Assisting

General Office Work, Office Administration

Customer Support, Sales and Account Management

Internet Research, Web Administration and Management

Website Management, Design and Desktop Publishing

Many other areas of expertise are needed!